Our Champions

all time favorites

  • Bull Fight Maple Style 6000 Charro Boot with Slip-Resistant Sole

    MXN $2,539.00 Select options
  • Outdoor Haiker Boot in Crazy Brown Style 2413

    MXN $2,599.00 Select options
  • Slip-Resistant Charro Short Boot in Bull Fight Ocher Style 6000

    MXN $2,539.00 Select options
  • Slip-Resistant Roper Boot Bull Fight Ocher Style 1000

    MXN $2,799.00 Select options


A good boot has to be comfortable, durable, and unique in appearance.

And to make good boots you need the best quality leather, mastering the Goodyear Welt construction technique, and great craftsmen for its impeccable finish.

We have known this in Siete Leguas for more than half a century. For this reason, Siete Leguas boots have been one of the most prestigious letters of introduction to the industry from Leon for decades.

Ready for adventure

  • Haiker Boot + Wide Premium Pull-up Boot Albatros Wine Style 2413

    MXN $2,969.00 Select options
  • Haiker Light Heavy Duty Boot Bull Fight Ocher Style 2333

    MXN $2,399.00 Select options
  • Heavy Duty Lightweight Haiker Boot Norfolk Shedron Waterproof Leather Style 2333

    MXN $2,499.00 Select options
  • Outdoor Boot Bull Fight Ocre Style 2483

    MXN $2,899.00 Select options

The missing piece in your collection

  • Texana Style Cowboy Hat in Black Wool

    MXN $2,199.00 Select options

Our Process

The perfect mix

In SIETE LEGUAS® we have evolved technologically with the times, incorporating advances and improvements that guarantee excellent products. 

However, all of the above would lose meaning if the human part were not considered. Each pair of boots requires more than 100 steps to make. Therefore, the work of the proud artisans is essential, because they know that there is no minor detail.

For a boot to be world class, it has to be aperfect blend of technology and craftsmanship.